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Rod & Boots photographed by Christian Tabor February 13, 2013
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A Thought for Today

No season does things easier than spring.



I never saw so much of spring
as I see now. The tender willow
turning amber. The nightingale,
the sparrow in the heavens
The moon behind the spider
making web, now blotted out by
geese in trumpet, home again,
home again, home to spring.

The toad has found his roadside.
         Butterflies are tumbling
from cocoons; ants and crickets
share the bush and every truth of
this sweet season.

The moon is now a pearl, a cloud
its shell, as in the tall bamboo and
reed cicadas sing
          in four-part harmony.

I think the older seasons envy
spring, and well they should. The
roses are not blood red or purple
in extreme. A subtle pink, a lazy
lavender, no single petal scorched
by sun. All things al dente,

How is it that in all my years I never
saw this much of spring? To think
I once believed that tenderness
            lay underfoot of autumn.
I am the aging sparrow's twin
suffering from ill attention, as all
souls concentrate on April things.

-from the book “A Safe Place To Land,” 1998, 2001

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notable birthdays

Monday 23 March

Marty Allen o Roger Bannister o Wernher Von Braun o Joan Crawford o Fanny Farmer o Erich Fromm o Ron Jaworski o Chaka Khan o Akira Kurosawa o Moses Malone o Amanda Plummer o Keri Russell o Wernher Von Braun o Doc Watson o Martha Wright

Tuesday 24 March

Louie Anderson o Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle o Joseph Barbera o Clyde Barrow o Richard Conte o Sharon Corr o Thomas E. Dewey o Norman Fell o Lawrence Ferlinghetti o Alyson Hannigan o Harry Houdini o Byron Janis o Dwight MacDonald o Peyton Manning o Mase o Steve McQueen o Randi McWilliams o Andrew Mellon o William Morris o Malcolm Muggeridge o Gene Nelson o Donna Pescow o Wilhelm Reich o Annabella Sciorra

Wednesday 25 March

Hoyt Axton o Bela Bartok o Bonnie Bedelia o Ed Begley o Anita Bryant o Frankie Carle o Howard Cosell o Wes Fish o Aretha Franklin o Kelly Garrett o Paul Michael Glaser o Bonnie Guitar o Elton John o Nancy Kelly o David Lean o James A. Love II o Sarah Jessica Parker o Simone Signoret o Gloria Steinem o Sheryl Swoopes o Arturo Toscanini

Thursday 26 March

Marcus Allen o Alan Arkin o Pierre Boulez o James Caan o Bob (Bob & Ray) Elliott o Robert Frost o Sterling Hayden o Duncan Hines o A.E. Housman o Erica Jong o Vicki Lawrence o Strother Martin o Leonard Nimoy o Sandra Day O’Connor o Teddy Pendergrass o Diana Ross o Martin Short o Curtis Sliwa o Steven Tyler o William Westmoreland o Bob Woodward o Tennessee Williams

Friday 27 March

Mariah Carey o Wes Covington o Nathaniel Currier o Ferde Grofe o Richard Hayman o David Janssen o Snooky Lanson o Harold Nicholas o Wilhelm Roentgen o Mstislav Rostropovich o Budd Schulberg o Edward Steichen o Gloria Swanson o Quentin Tarantino o Cyrus Vance o Sarah Vaughan o Xuxa o Michael York

Saturday 28 March

Freddie Bartholomew o Dirk Bogarde o Zbigniew Brzezinski o August Anheuser Busch, Jr. o Juliandra Gillen o Maxim Gorky o Ken Howard o Jay Livingston o Frank Lovejoy o Charlie McCoy o Reba McEntire o Edmund Muskie o Marlin Perkins o Raphael o Dame Flora Robson o Rudolph Serkin o Julia Stiles o Rufus Thomas o Paul Whiteman o Dianne Wiest

Sunday 29 March

Philip Ahn o Pearl Bailey o Warner Baxter o Billy Carter o Jennifer Capriati o Bud Cort o Phil Foster o Walt Frazier o Eileen Heckart o Terence Hill o Eric Idle o Lucy Lawless o Howard Lindsay o Elle Macpherson o John Major o Eugene McCarthy o Cardinal Mindszenty o Arthur O’Connell o Dennis O’Keefe o Hideaki Takizawa o John Tyler o Sam Walton o Sir William Walton o Cy Young

Rod's random thoughts
Go forward, straight ahead. There are no limits on your life but those barricades you build yourself.

Art breeds art, invention breeds invention. Love breeds love.

Grass continues to reach out for experience, even past its first encounter with the cutter's blade.


As I watch you
move beyond the door
I remember that some oceans
have been known to come again
to their mother country
and wash ashore
more brilliant treasures
than they took away.

It is small comfort
to a man who lately
greets each season
as the hermit crab
hides in the rocks
and scurries from intruders
be they from the land or sea.

- from "And To Each Season," 1972


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