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Rod & Boots photographed by Christian Tabor February 13, 2013
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A Thought for Today

Conscience is the hardest weight to lift.




The world holds dangers
darker than the dentist’s chair
love is still the eye
of anything worthwhile
                    or worth having
and so we keep that one eye open.

And knowing that it goes by
multitudes of attitudes and names
it’s wise to learn and not forget
the favorite name for love is conscience.

Conscience being the first thing
Christ conceived for us
must mean love is Christmas
by another name.

-from “The Carols of Christmas,” 1971

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Thursday 18 December

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Friday 19 December

Jennifer Beals o Marianne Faithful o Janie Fricke o Jean Genet o Daryl Hannah o Elaine Joyce o Al Kaline o Richard Leakey o Alvin Lee o Amy Locane o Albert A. Marks o Alyssa Milano o Edith Piaf o Tim Reid o Fritz Reiner o Sir Ralph Richardson o Jessica Steen o David Susskind o Nan Talese o Cicely Tyson o Robert Urich

Rod's random thoughts
Sometimes love follows where friendship leads.

If creativity wasn't such a solitary thing, we'd have more Galilaos.

You win if you think you’ve won.


To think that down through all these years
these stumbling, dancing decades
these hours given
to spend the way we wish,
that people of goodwill
in country, countryside,
              metropolis, and hamlet
come together / stay apart
but hold the selfsame ritual
as winter starts,
the celebration of an ancient birthday
deep in dark Decembers
too numerous to count.

He must have been extraordinary,
quite something,
to command the whole world pause
to celebrate His coming..

 - 1956, first published in "A Book of Days," 1981


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