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A Thought for Today

There is no greater gift to the ages than fighting and dying for liberty.



When I was a child we called this Decoration Day, it was that special day and weekend of the year we took flowers and flags to veterans’ cemeteries and soldiers’ fields to decorate the graves and monuments of those who had fallen in defense of their country. Our Country. Almost nothing has changed but the name of the holiday – almost. What has changed is the number of graves of the young men and women who died so that we can live and pursue the ideals of freedom.

Are we always to be at war? It seems like it. Every day young men and women from our nation and those of our allies are being forfeited in the name of freedom. And, yes, it’s still the old men (most who never served their country on a battlefield) who continue to legislate the wars our youngsters go off to fight.

We salute them and all those everywhere who served and serve their countries with bravery and honor.

RM 29 May, 2010

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Monday May 25
Memorial Day USA

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Tuesday May 26

James Arness o Helena Bonham Carter o Peter Cushing o Genie Francis o Al Jolson o Lenny Kravitz o Peggy Lee o Paul Lukas o Frankie Manning o Robert Morley o Brent Musburger o Stevie Nicks o Alexander Pushkin o Sally Ride o Laurance Rockefeller o Jay Silverheels o Teresa Stratas o Norma Talmadge o Philip Michael Thomas o John Wayne o Hank Williams, Jr.

Wednesday May 27

Cilla Black o Todd Bridges o Allan Carr o Rachel Carson o John Cheever o Isadora Duncan o Joseph Feinnes o Lou Gossett, Jr. o Dashiell Hammett o Wild Bill Hickock o Julia Ward Howe o Hubert Humphrey o Cynthia Karpa o Henry Kissinger o Teddy Kollek o Christopher Lee o Jeremy Mayfield o Lee Ann Meriwether o Vincent Price o Harold Rome o Sig Sakowicz o Sam Snead o Cornelius Vanderbilt, Sr. o Herman Wouk

Thursday 28 May

Patch Adams o Carroll Baker o Jesse Bradford o Jeannie Carson o Joseph Cross o Brandon Cruz o The Dionne Quintuplets o Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau o Ian Fleming o John Fogerty o Sally Forrest o Ed Gaylord o Rudolph Giuliani o Beth Howland o Gladys Knight o Sondra Locke o Kylie Minogue o Thomas Moore o Glen Rice o May Swenson o Jim Thorpe o Billy Vera o T. Bone Walker

Friday 29 May

Iris Adrian o Annette Bening o Melanie Janine Brown o G.K. Chesterton o Danny Elfman o Paul Erlich o Melissa Etheridge o Rupert Everett o Noel Gallagher o Anthony Geary o Patrick Henry o Bob Hope o Red Horner o LaToya Jackson o Stacy Keach, Sr. o John F. Kennedy o Beatrice Lillie o Adrian Paul o Al Unser

Saturday 30 May

Frank Blair o Mel Blanc o Kitty Carruthers o Keir Dullea o Stepin Fetchit o Benny Goodman o Howard Hawks o Christine Jorgensen o Wynonna Judd o Ruta Lee o Meredith MacRae o Peter the Great o Michael J. Pollard o Gale Sayers o Cornelia Otis Skinner o Irving Thalberg o Clint Walker

Sunday 31 May

Fred Allen o Don Ameche o Tom Berenger o John Bonham o Clint Eastwood o Chris Elliot o Denholm Elliott o Rainer Werner Fassbinder o Sharon Gless o Gregory Harrison o Jim Hutton o Joe Namath o Henry "Scoop" Jackson o Johnny Paycheck v Norman Vincent Peale o Kyle Secor v Brooke Shields v Lea Thompson o Shirley Verrett o Prince Rainier of Monaco o Walt Whitman o Peter Yarrow

Rod's random thoughts
Live for those who didn’t. We will all see each other in the next life soon enough.

Friendship is an idea, not an invention, a pledge, not a promise, and (with any luck at all) a lifetime, not merely a season.

We the people make up as many valid beliefs as there are people.


A wondrous thing it is to have
       a country you can love,
a field to lie with,
hill to hike,
a patch of woods so honorable
it stands as its own creed.
Cities too within the land
that belch and puff and bubble up
mixing native / foreign colors
              of its people,
each contributing.

It is a healthy wondrous thing
to have a country you can love.

He who loves his country first has
time for children and for walking,
talking in his sleep, rolling down a hill,
and finding one who supersedes all
                                    other loves.

Time will take the patriot on an endless
journey and it will seem like overnight.
His list of pursuits can challenge
The new math and still his mind will stay

If you would put yourself, your house
in order, try thinking of your country
first, and you will learn that order is
                the secret of selectivity.

Believe it. Try it, anyway.

It is a wondrous thing to have
                      a country you can love.

-from “Rusting In The Rain, 2004


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