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Rod & Boots photographed by Christian Tabor February 13, 2013
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A Thought for Today

Don't destroy your newfound joy by eating it all up too soon.




I live beyond the reach
of my own self sometimes,
            outside of me.
Beyond the days that chased
Me down the summer beach.
Closer to the night but not a
part of it. Some days I am
moved by others and the dates,
schedules they set for me rather
than my own timepiece.

I have always been a driven man.
The difference now is that I am
more a passenger instead of he
who turns the wheel and drives.

My battered sneakers have
carried me down streets I may
never walk again, through towns
I do not remember. I've kicked
my tennies under beds in musty
rooms and worn them down on
gravel of a castle courtyard

Coming off a stage one night
I heard a lady whisper to her
friend: He's making money now,
surely he can afford a better style
of shoe. Ah, but that's the thing -
money's earned for comfort's sake.
With so much newness traipsing
through my life comfort comes
from old things. The familiar. The
ordinary. Asked for wisdom I reply
any message woven in the texture
of my poems and my songs – plain
though they may be – was not
intended except for selfish me.

What I do and give away is made
with love there isn't any other way,
and if I knew another route I would
not use it. Believe that, for the only
lies I tell are to myself.

- from "Love's Been Good To Me," 1978. Major revisions 11/1/2009

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Saturday 1 November

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Sunday 2 November

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Rod's random thoughts
There is no friend so noble as some sunlight let in on a room long darkened.

As animals should not be caged so love cannot be legalized or legislated. It must be able to run free.

Words have no more wisdom when it's time to say goodbye.

– from “Love’s Been Good To Me.”

Afterwards & Afterthoughts

When it's over, love, someone's birthday, the big game or the funeral, words not only come to mind that would have been said earlier if the brain was always working, but recriminations and prayers for replay fill the mind and work it overtime. A conversation in the head long after every chance has passed is not unusual, more the rule.

After every loss, or what we term to be our losses, a hundred master plans are planned, a dozen avenues we might have taken, had not a certain road been blocked, stretched out before us like a city map.

Finally the afterthoughts afterward are lost like all the melodies that had no meaning and the memories did.

-from “Alone”, 1975


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