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Rod & Boots photographed by Christian Tabor February 13, 2013
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A Thought for Today

Autumn is the time when seasons merge because of bare necessity. 




Lee, wake up
the Summer's over
we've got to make it
through one more snowy year.

Hang in here
and I'll take you through the clouds
the way you took me bouncing
                        down the weekend.

Don't go yet
there's got to be
some sea coast we've not seen.

Hold on to me
and we'll go flying
through the Spring.

- from "Winter, 1979"

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Rod's random thoughts
The autumn always kills in halves. So birch does not go yellow all at once but by degrees.

When love shows its other side, be careful not to term it hate.

If only we were all capable of taking seasons in their balance, we might be moved to change our attitudes as easily as we do our underwear.


Moths fill up the morning
and spiders slide down the shafts
                      of sunlight.

It is the autumn of the year.
The wind now makes a long,
                                     slow moan.
Tired of all the old Octobers
the moan is more a sigh.
Resigned and lonely like those of us
                                who face the wind
the wind itself on seeing autumn
                                runs to hide.

-from the album The Seasons: Autumn, 1975 & the book Too Many Midnight’s, 1981


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