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A Thought for Today

We can always use reminders on how to better treat each other.




I wake up wondering, not knowing where I am. What time is it? Where am I? Geographically Holland, in my thoughts and in my head I am no place. Nowhere that I have been before. I am away, that much is so. Nothing is familiar. But it has been this way for some days now.

I pass by mirrors and walk with my reflection, go out into the cold Dutch night and see my breath before me, buy things and pay for them with money from the bottom of my jeans. Elicit smiles and offtimes get them back, write my name and see it on the page in front of me, throw popcorn to those few birds that still brave winter. People not known to me recognize me and so I am.

I participate, act out, and think all these things are tangibles, done, seen by me. I am alive. I function. If I sleep the wrong way and wake up knotted, I feel the pain. I drink too much and the headache every other morning is real. It takes the same time going as it always did. I caught my finger in the door a week ago and the swelling hasn't yet gone down.

Though it almost never rings I answer the telephone and hear myself speak. Proof that I am alive. I react, I have reactions. But I am not here; as sure as I am not in Boston or driving through Detroit with Jack. I cannot discern how long I have been away or if I'm still in transport. I might be on the edge of dying or living. Clearly I am on the edge.

-from Moment To Moment, 1974 / First Flight Plan Publication 8/15/98

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Saturday 25 October

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Sunday 26 October

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Rod's random thoughts
It's easier than you might think to be faithful. When the temptation for an indiscretion rears its head just remind yourself how lucky you are to be loved and to have someone (anyone) willing to put up with you.

Love is the bed you imagine others lie in when you find yourself alone.

Properly trained, passion is an excellent servant.


If there is a so-called lot (all there is) to loving, I'm convinced that several lifetimes would not, could not, exhaust the lover. If certain experiences I write about seem born of pain, they surely were, but the compensation - not always evident at the time - overrides the sorrow and self-pity. My banner with its strange device may be merely made of hope heaped on hope in the name of self-preservation. I don't think so. I enter into each relationship with trust and I am not easily convinced that something I want badly enough or believe in will not work. Love works if you work at it.

                                - from "Love's Been Good To Me", 1979


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