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Rod & Boots photographed by Christian Tabor February 13, 2013
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A Thought for Today

You can only give everything you attempt your best effort and usually that’s more than enough.




Most highways lead away
                       not to
it is the same with roads
and country paths.
Goodbye to what we knew -
hello may never come again.

With suitcase packed
and trunk filled up with nothing,
                        everything we have,
it takes another reticule
to hold the remnants of our past lives
while leaving room enough
to stuff in some remaining bag
whatever trash or treasure
                         lies ahead.

we may go down roads
that seem to have
no sense or sensibility.
But who's to know
what hamlet waiting
          down the trail
will capture our imaginations,
those we thought too old
to be of use,
and make us see
a different side of truth.

Together is the word
that conjures magic
and makes Utopia
out of Timbuktu,
changes Alamo into Atlantis.

So it is
that arm in arm
we travel and we tour
we hike down highways
broad and slight
in weather cold
and climate fair.

Turn the corner
turn the page
what you have is THERE.

-from "Watch for the Wind," 1983

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Thursday 24 July

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Rod's random thoughts
Eyes that look on love are easily the windows of the world.

There are no bad beginnings.

Genius doesn't need to advertise.


I've memorized my face so well
I need no mirror when I shave
And so I know that I could not
                             cannot compete
with what your ever watchful eye
tells me that you need.

I only hope that when he walks
down from whatever place
he's just now hiding
your true love stays
                not only true,
but the image of what you
               will go on needing

If I am not
to be the one
I'll settle for no less
than some assurance
that the plowboy, cowboy
               or the soldier
the helper or the helping hand
                the final man,
is the one that you deserve
to serve you and for you to serve
throughout the days remaining
                in your life.

- from Folio #14, 1977 & The British edition of "Coming Close To The Earth," 1977. For the US edition published a year later the second stanza was omitted.


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