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Rod & Boots photographed by Christian Tabor February 13, 2013
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A Thought for Today

Dreams should not be allowed to die until reality replaces them.


About to leave London on the return journey home.

Hope to be back with more regular Flight Plans later this week.

 - Ken, London, April 14

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notable birthdays

Monday 14 April

Frank Borman o Les Brown o Michael Caine o Eugene Cernan o Billy Crystal o Albert Einstein o Maxim Gorky o Taylor Hanson o Quincy Jones o Steve Kanaly o Hank Ketcham o Kirby Puckett o Max Shulman o Rita Tushingham o Adrian Zmed

Tuesday 15 April

Michael Ansara o Linda Bloodworth-Thomason o Leonardo da Vinci o Claudia Cardinale o Roy Clark o Hans Conried o Henry James o Harvey Lembeck o Neville Marriner o Elizabeth Montgomery o Wallace Reid o Leo Schotter o Bessie Smith o Julie Sommars o Emma Thompson o Robert Walker, Jr. o Emma Watson

Wednesday 16 April

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar o Edie Adams o Ellen Barkin o Perry Botkin Jr. o Charlie Chaplin o Jon Cryer o Merce Cunningham o Anatole France o John Hodiak o Michael Jackson (commentator) o Martin Lawrence o Henry Mancini o Herbie Mann o Spike Milligan o Barry Nelson o Selena o Dusty Springfield o Peter Ustinov o Bobby Vinton o Wilbur Wright

Rod's random thoughts
Keep Spring waiting at your peril. She will not be held back even by an extra storm that wasn’t in the Farmer’s Almanac.

Love is more a single movement than a symphony.

A city’s made as much from chance and taking chances as it is from taste and tallying and tarpaper.

for Larry Baillie

How good it feels to concentrate
on others, foreigners or farmers,
women in the street and those
                     within my head.
Lumberjacks and loudmouths.
Mothers chasing children and the child
                             making mischief
working at eluding parent.

Lovers courting
squaring off within the dance
then dancing circles round each other
                              pairing off.
Exchanging partners or tripping
through the day not as dancers
but as audience to those who love
and live their life loves out before
                                      the world.

What a time this end of summertime
                               to just observe
to call the world my friend
and let imaginary friendships
                   tumble in my head.

An old man holding up a wall
I pass by and we are friends.
The muscled runner on a beach
           now here, now gone
but oh there was a longing
in his eyes and gait.
The dog that tags along with
                      no one, anyone,
is a friend to me and the less
I imagine him to be loved
the more my friendship for him
grows and stays inside of me

The stranger jostled not by mistake
          inspiring dangerous thoughts
and there are friends I have made
and lost and made again without
their knowledge.

So many leaning on so many
different trees in so many meadow
lands, different leas are sweet August,
                              august friends.

-from Rusting in the Rain, 2004


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