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Christmas 2000, photo by Bob Gentry 2000 Stanyan Entertainment

A Thought for Today

Let's get real. Don't expect too much from holiday celebrations and you'll never be disappointed. By the same token if your mood is somewhat grim don't let it ruin someone else's holiday.


All of us at
"A Safe Place to Land"

wish all of you
a Healthy and Happy Holiday

Thanks to some sterling work put in by Eric Yeager over the past few days we're delighted to invite you to download a Christmas gift from all of us at "A Safe Place to Land". 

The file is in MP3 format so you'll need a player of some sort - Windows Media Player, Real Player or WinAmp should do the trick. File size is just under 3 meg.

Our sincere thanks to Eric for making this possible. 

Click on the link below to commence the download:

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
Rod McKuen

Merry Christmas!

notable birthdays


Clara Barton o Humphrey Bogart o Jimmy Buffett o Cab Calloway o Carlos Castaneda o Quentin Crisp o Ron Foos o Sir Lew Grade o Rickey Henderson o Conrad Hilton o Annie Lennox o Celia Lipton o Little Richard o Barbara Mandrell o Sir Isaac Newton o Robert Ripley o Anwar Sadat o Gary Sandy o Hanna Schygulla o Rod Serling o Sissy Spacek o Phil Spector o Gladys Swarthout o Helen Twelvetrees o Rebecca West

Rod's random thoughts Don't forget whose birthday we celebrate today.

Love is a season and holidays like signposts mark the time.

Faith dignifies humanity with the promise of immortality.


Happy Christmas
and I love your ears.
Tomorrow we'll untie the package
              of another year.
Twelve more months of summer
              if you stay
      winter if you go.

Who said that Christmas crackers
hold surprises just for children ?
I seldom let the daylight
come into the bedroom first
whatever time of year,
because I want to be
        the one who gazes down at you
as you begin your day.
I want you always as that first surprise.

If I'm selfish
It's only that I love you
as I've loved this year just past
and as I love that still uncertain year ahead.

-from "The Carols of Christmas," 1971
1970, 1971, 1984, 1988, 1999, 2000 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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