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A Thought for Today

Prayer works.




Have you come
          to save me ?
               Very well.

I’m teetering
between the earth
                and hell.
I’ll gladly take salvation
over pot and pills
and cheap red wine.
I’m grateful for your arms
but open up a little more
so that I need not love you
                     out of gratitude
but only for yourself.
Let me lie against your belly
inhaling all the night air
                      you let out.

Let me reach inside you
slow and easy, deliberate
so that your anatomy
will be my primer,
your sighs now heavy
my own northwest wind.
                  Let me probe
a secret place
no one else
           has so far touched.

Allow me this small favor
to pull you to me from the inside,
to live inside you half of every night.
        The star-filled half.

Don’t be discouraged
if I fumble or become inept.
I’ll try again,
         now slower still.

Then moving to your face
your eyes will dazzle me
as our mouths match,
the insides probing
one another’s insides.

Slide next to me. See,
no position is uncomfortable
                    or wrong.

Such space there is between your back
and each new morning.
Such emptiness
my body and the sunlight
                  cannot fill.
I’ll try, I will.

Remember that you caught me
on the heels of what I thought
              was love.

- from "The Sea Around Me, " 1976, 1977

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Rod's random thoughts Talent without perseverance is a long way from anywhere.

Being without love too long makes us ready as the rose . . . to be caressed and then be ruined by the rain.

To deny the freedom of the will is to make morality impossible.


It rained today. All day. Everything was the sound of rain. Children laughing in the streets, police whistles, cars splashing mud at one another - even the music on the radio sounded like the rain.

Tonight the storm’s fatigued enough to stop. Or it’s resting only long enough to catch a second breath. Earlier I walked down past the railway station. Sometimes on rainy nights I forgot I’m in a foreign country.

It’s about twelve thirty now, nearly everybody’s gone to bed. The rain’s a barrier. A good excuse for going out, a better one for staying home.

How odd it is that we need make excuses to ourselves for odd behavior, like staying home and in one room. Or walking straight ahead into the storm’s most inner eye.

Often I think rooms are the only safe places left. Garret rooms, changing rooms and bedrooms as opposed to ballrooms and waiting rooms and auditoriums. Rooms to climb into, change in and finally rooms where sleep comes easy. A room within a room would be the safest place of all. An interior hiding place where only those with proper maps and charts could find you.

Loving sunshine, I have lately been as satisfied beneath skylights as I have beneath stars. Only the rain worries me. I worry that it won’t come. I worry that it will.

I am not a rainmaker. For shaping rain or making it, I have no plan. But I promise you that silent rooms are much preferred to those that jog and jostle you to boredom and to death.

- from "Celebrations of the Heart," 1973

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