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A Thought for Today

Hang on and hang in there. There are no disappointments or calamities in your life today that another tomorrow or so will not cure.



Time for another question and answer session so here we go.



Hello Rod, Can you please let me know the titles of the books you’ve written. The reason I ask is that I have 44 of Rod's books and would like to acquire the ones I do not have.

Do you have any concerts scheduled for this year - if so where and when. As I live in the North of Scotland UK I need as much advanced information as I can get to enable me to make travel arrangements. Kind regards, Patricia

Dear Patricia, My two latest books are A Safe Place to Land published in 2001 and Rusting In The Rain from 2004. And here’s a more or less complete list of my published works. Where you see duplicate titles it means revised editions of books with the same title published in other countries. Many of my works are out of print but those preceded by an asterisk denotes books available from Stanyan House.


*Alone • Pocket Books, 1975
Another Beautiful Day, 1985 Diary & Datebook • Harper & Row, 1984
Another Beautiful Day, 1986 Diary & Datebook • Harper & Row, 1985
*An Outstretched Hand • Cheval Books/Harper & Row, 1980
*And Autumn Came (Revised Edition) • Cheval Books, 1969
And Autumn Came • Pageant Press, 1954
And to Each Season • Simon & Schuster, 1972
Beautiful Strangers, The • Simon & Schuster, 1981
*Beyond the Boardwalk • Cheval Books, 1975
*Beyond the Boardwalk • Cheval Books, 1976
*Book of Days and a Month of Sunday’s • Harper & Row, 1981
*Book of Days, A • Harper & Row, 1980
Carols of Christmas, The • Cheval/Random House, 1971
Caught in the Quiet • Stanyan Books, 1970
Caught in the Quiet • W. H. Allen -London, 1973
Caught in the Quiet • Download ASPTL, 1999
Celebrations of the Heart • Simon & Schuster, 1975
Come to Me in Silence • Simon & Schuster, 1973
Come to Me in Silence • WH Allen -London, 1974
Coming Close To the Earth • Elm Tree Books -London, 1978
Coming Close to the Earth • Simon & Schuster, 1979
Fields of Wonder • Cheval Books/Random House, 1971
Finding My Father • Cheval Books/Berkeley Books, 1977
Finding My Father • Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1976
Folio: New McKuen Poetry, Vol. 26-50 • Animal Concern, 1980-85
Folio: New McKuen Poetry, Vol.1-25 • Animal Concern, 1974-79
*Frank Sinatra: A Man Alone • Limited Edition (500), 1969
Grand Tour (Lyrics from album)• Stanyan Books, 1972
*Hand in Hand • Pocket Books, 1977
In Someone's Shadow • Cheval Books/Random House, 1969
In Someone's Shadow • Michael Joseph -London, 1971
Intervals • Harper & Row/Cheval Books, 1986
Liefde In Woorden • Gottmer -Amsterdam, 1971
Listen to the Warm • Michael Joseph -London, 1968
Listen to the Warm • Random House, 1967
Lonesome Cities • Michael Joseph -London, 1971
Lonesome Cities • Random House, 1968
*Looking for a Friend • Pocket Books, 1980
Loves Been Good to Me • Lansdowne Press. -Sydney, 1980
*Love's Been Good to Me • Pocket Books, 1979
Moment to Moment (Rev. Edition) • Simon & Schuster, 1974
*Moment to Moment (Hardcover) • Cheval Books, 1972
*Moment to Moment (Trade Paperback) • Cheval Books, 1972
Moment to Moment • W. H. Allen -London, 1973
New Ballads • (lyrics from the album) Stanyan Books, 1970
Pastorale • (lyrics from the album) Stanyan Books, 1971
*Power Bright and Shining, The • Simon & Schuster, 1980
Rod McKuen Omnibus, The • W. H. Allen -London, 1974
*Rusting in the Rain • Cheval Books, 2004
*Safe Place to Land, A • Cheval Books, 2001
Sea Around Me, The . . . • Elm Tree Books -London, 1977
Sea Around Me, The . . . • Simon & Schuster, 1978
*Sea Cycle • Montcalm Productions 1969 [in boxed Sea set]
Seasons in the Sun (Paperback) • W. H. Allen -London, 1974
*Seasons in the Sun • Pocket Books, 1974
*Songs of Rod McKuen • Cheval Books, 1969
Sound of Solitude, The • Harper & Row, 1983
Stanyan Street & Other Sorrows • Michael Joseph -London, 1968
Stanyan Street & Other Sorrows • Stanyan Books, 1966
*Stanyan Street & Other Sorrows • Random House, 1968
Stanyan Street/Escuchad ternura • Plaza & Janes -Madrid, 1970
Suspension Bridge • Harper & Row, 1984
*Too Many Midnight's • Pocket Books, 1881
Twelve Years of Christmas • Cheval Books/Random House, 1969
Twelve Years of Christmas • WH Allen -London, 1971
Valentines • Harper & Row/Cheval Books, 1986
*Watch for the Wind • Pocket Books, 1983
We Touch the Sky • Elm Tree Books -London, 1979
We Touch the Sky • Simon & Schuster, 1979
With Love • Stanyan Books, 1970
World of Rod McKuen • Random House, 1968
Twelve Years of Christmas • Cheval Books/Random House, 1969
Twelve Years of Christmas • WH Allen -London, 1971
Valentines • Harper & Row/Cheval Books, 1986
*Watch for the Wind • Pocket Books, 1983
We Touch the Sky • Elm Tree Books -London, 1979
We Touch the Sky • Simon & Schuster, 1979
With Love • Stanyan Books, 1970
•World of Rod McKuen • Random House, 1968
1970 Rod McKuen Calendar & Datebook • Cheval / Random House, 1969
1972 Rod McKuen Calendar & Datebook • Cheval / Random House, 1971
1973 Rod McKuen Calendar & Datebook • Cheval / Simon & Schuster, 1972
1974 Rod McKuen Calendar & Datebook • Cheval / Simon & Schuster, 1973
1975 Rod McKuen Calendar & Datebook • Cheval / Simon & Schuster, 1974
1976 Rod McKuen Calendar & Datebook • Cheval Books / Rand McNally & Co.

*Denotes Books Still in Print & Available from Stanyan House.

In some cases Stanyan House has a limited supply of books not marked with an asterisk. Query Ben for further info.

As for concerts I’ve been trying for years to get back to great Britain but it won’t happen this year. You’re now on a concert mailing list so you’ll be notified well in advance of any performances. All My Best, Rod


Rod: Probably 50 years ago, I heard you sing a song that I think was called "I am a River". "I am a river, flowing to the sea. I am a river, come along and follow me, follow me. It was so haunting, and I have never heard it again. Is there a place that I could hear this song?

I read that you were hoping that there might be a re-release of Songs For A Lazy Afternoon, which contains the song, as a 50th celebration...that would have made it 2006. However, I cannot find any source for this, and would really, really like to find a recording of it. HELP Sandra Rustad

Dear Sandra, The song you refer to is entitled “Jay Dee.” There are many albums now mastered and backed up for future release on CD but alas Songs For A Lazy Afternoon isn’t one of them. I’ll see what I can do about pulling Jay Dee out as a download or maybe making it available on an upcoming “By Request” collection.

Indeed the song has an unusual structure, three verses each sung in a different key. Thought you might like to know that Jay Dee stands for James Dean. It was an Ode I completed after his untimely death but I felt using his name as the title would be too ‘on the mark’, hence the title J. D. or “Jay Dee” as the song became known. To my knowledge this is the first time in the 50 plus years since the songs origin that I’ve shared the story of its inspiration.

All my best to you Sandra and thanks for your continued interest in one of my earliest compositions. Warmly, Rod.


Hi Rod, I'm a seasoned composer, (10,000 songs in my life in the style of our Amer. Songbook) singer, jazz pianist, and CD producer. My successful big band/jazz quartet works the Fla. market. I still dream of getting out there globally as it were. Some of my originals have started a small flow of ASCAP royalties as I'm being played in Asia, UK, USA, etc. If you have any singers that might be looking for some viable songs, I have several hundred with solid commercial potential that maybe we could co-publish. If you email me an address, I'll send you a couple of vocal big band/jazz quartet CDS from my life's body of work for your perusal. George W Carroll

Dear George, Wow 10,000 songs. I'm impressed, you've got me beat by 8,000 and I thought I was prolific. Of course, I don't count my poems as songs.

Thanks for your very generous offer concerning co-publication, but here's the problem. The Stanyan Music Group was formed to handle the publication and licensing of my own songs. We're a pretty small company and it's all we can do to keep up with my output (yes, I'm still writing). And. in this day and age when more and more performers are writing and performing there own songs we have to work even harder to get material placed.

It wouldn't be fair for our company to take on other writers without the sure knowledge that we could do their work justice. So I hope you'll understand my 'thanks but no thanks' note to you. I do wish you all the luck in the world with your songs and I hope you'll continue to be inspired to write more.

Here's a thought; you might contact The Guinness Book of Records regarding your output. It's safe to say Irving Berlin, The Gershwin’s, Mercer, Arlen & Richard Rogers life works totaled together wouldn't equal the 10,000 songs you've spawned. Congratulations. All My Best Regards, Rod


Dear Mr. McKuen: I can't recall when I first knew about you - but I think it was sometime mid-sixties living in the Bronx, NY. I think about your words all of the time.

I went to California for a while in 1967 and met a sailor named Vern who listened to your words all night long.

I went to Carnegie Hall twice and want so much to go again. Will you perform at Carnegie hall this April.? There are so many of us waiting for you. If not there - where do you think you will be?
I hope you are well. Thank-you for the gift of poetry and beautiful thoughts. Yours truly, Barbara V Jones, Long Island, NY

Dear Barbara, No plans for Carnegie Hall in the near future but I do hope my concert manager Jerry Lonn will nail down an East Coast appearance or two for 2010. January and February always seem to be a slow time for promoters to make decisions. Jerry is fighting that fact plus the slow economy in nailing down actual dates.

Now that you're on our mailing list you will be among the first to receive word when any concerts come up and Webmaster Ken Blackie always posts news of any confirmed concerts. Thanks for asking. All My Best, Rod


Dear Rod, One night a long time ago I was doing a babysitting job and I got to watch the Johnny Carson Show. I saw you there and you read “Listen to the Warm.” Although I was a young girl I was mesmerized with you and your wonderful words. I bought the book and I dreamed that someday I would write a wonderful poem and get to read it to the audience at the Johnny Carson Show. You sat on the steps front stage and read from your book. Your voice was unique and amazing to me. I felt a connection then and more so now after reading some of your info and found that there was alcohol and abuse in your childhood. I have written some poems and made my own book to give to family members at Christmas several years ago. It was titled “Men on Motorcycles” and I got good reviews from those who read it. You were my original poetic crush. I am so glad we are both still around. Love, Ahna Zosia Roesch (the name has been changed to protect the guilty.)

Dear Ahna, Thanks for your thoughtful note and I'm pleased to have been your inspiration. I gather you too have survived an abusive childhood. It seems like such a long time ago that all that went down in my life and indeed it was. It certainly could have been much worse if I hadn't had such a wonderful mother who often put herself between me and my miscreant stepfather.

All my best to you Ahna and keep writing, it's good for whatever ails you. Sincerely, Rod


Hi Rod: And thank u so much for your inspiration and insights! Can you tell me what inspired “The Windmills Of Your Mind” lyrics? Was it just the movie or something else? Thanks and love! Jill

Dear Jill, Hope you are not under the impression that I'm the author of "The Windmills of Your Mind," I'm not. This great Oscar winning song from The Thomas Crown Affair was written by Michel LeGrande (music) and Alan & Marilyn Bergman (words). Indeed it was written especially for the film and was sung in it by Noel Harrison. All my best, Rod

RM 22 January 2010 Previously Unpublished

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Rod's random thoughts Imagination is the ‘a la mode’ of talent.

We don’t begin to grow until we learn to take full responsibility for our lives.

Love makes life as perfect as perfection is.


Because it is the time of year when hours speed and
clocks are more dependable than shadows, I wish
whoever took my good black wristwatch would come
and give it back. And I wish the river did not run
so swiftly or that I ran faster.

Because the empty page will always tell about the
crocus better than the gardener speaking or the
written word, why set about to make up sentences at
all?   They fail.   They suffocate.

Because the heart that loved so much is fragile and
uncertain, out of practice now, do not mistake its
beat for vital sign. These hands that once caressed
the well-loved body stroke instead fast-forward
switch.    Bad times for lovers.    Bad times.

-from the book A Safe Place To Land, 2001


A Happy Birthday shout out to Jerry Kramer and Ellen Mimran.

Remember the people of Haiti in your prayers and with your donations. Sleep warm and join me again on Monday.

RM Holmby Hills, CA / 22 January 2010 9:19PM PST

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