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Rod McKuen at the
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A Thought for Today

We are rich or poor not because of what we have or do not have, but because of what we are.




I love old houses
          for their smells,
their must and dust and mildew
and for what they've been
to people I will never know.

The character
of caulked up cracks
means more to me
than plastered walls and pretty paper,
walls that play the neighbors' music
when the radio I love
           has gone to sleep.

The faces of the old
are like old houses
every line's a highway
          from the past.

And so I love old houses
and the people who sit rocking
on their sagging porches.

- from "With Love", 1970

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Saturday 17 July

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Rod's random thoughts Be glad of competition. Without it you will never be unique.

There is no mistaking costly scent; like beauty, it is not approximated.

Yesterday is done, don't relive it. Today is here, make the most of it because tomorrow may not come.


Silence is a better means
for telegraphing thought
than any Morse code yet made.
I wonder if you know
how many conversations
we have had so far
with no words passed ?
I often think our silence
has energy to get us
all the way to Monterey and back.

-from "With Love", 1970

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