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A Thought for Today

Language has no ends and no beginnings, other than the coda each death makes and the paragraph that starts with each new birth.




A young man
standing in the rain
outside that so familiar
known to me
because Iíve lived
across the street from it
too many years, too long.

Known to me
because it is unlike
any other window,
and what stays or sits
or struts behind / beyond it
is familiar if not known to me.

My domain
is not my own
not because it isnít shared
although it isnít
but because it isnít shared
                           by her.

I should have moved
the day I saw her
gliding up the stairs alone
or later every time I saw
someone coming, going
beneath her balcony,
down those stairs,
or moving round the corner
on the sidewalk or the street
overtipping taxi drivers
as they found the right house
and dropped their passengers
four feet from the door.

Good woman
you do me damage.
Angels could not force
such sense of loss upon me
whatever their conspiracy.

Just now
the door is answered
and the young man
           steps inside.
the rain still falls
and not uncomfortably.

Long ago
I should have moved away
or else I should have
walked across the street
smiled and told her
how she was an interruption
                           in my life
because she lived there
just the other side of it.

Without the chance
for real rejection
          she rejected me.
Without a no
she let me know.

- from "Looking For A Friend", 1980

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Rod's random thoughts Humility is like a magnate it attracts the most worthwhile people for company.

Cats, I reckon, have it all. Admiration and an endless sleep and company only when they want it.

I can forgive anything but a lack of kindness


At long last... the rain is over
and a little wind is blowing across Third Avenue
and whoever lives above me
has stopped pacing around.

I never knew much about Third Avenue before.
Only that there was once an overhead electric train
that gave an element of mystery
and too many taxis
and more young men procuring on the street
than women.

And on every block...at least one old lady or old man
leaning bored out of a third story window.
I never knew too much about Third
but now I live here...above a delicatessen
up the street from P.J. Clark's.

And every night about this time
New York is a summer festival
of drunks and cabbies and pretty girls and bums
and assorted night people.
A big giant meat rack
running through New York
like a great acne
running over a young boy's face.
Lots of little adventures going on.

Me ?

Oh... I've had New York type adventures.
When I first came here
I thought it was groovy to ride subways...
only I never got anyplace.
One time I met a girl feeding birds in the park.
She was a real pretty girl.
Yeah...I'll bet you think my first purchase
when I came to town
was a copy of Qor a subway schedule
or the In and Out book.
Uh-uh... I bought a book of crossword puzzles
and a portable radio
and tried to get to the beach.
Only... it's sorta complicated.

One time I went to this bar in dungarees
and when I finished my first beer
the waiter put another one in front of me.
He kept buying and I kept on drinking
till he told if I left...so would a lot of his customers
who'd been eyeing me.
I took a look at some of the customers
and got the hell out of there.

Boy... sometimes it really gets hot in New York.
You gotta sleep without sheets
and drink lots of water
and keep you mind off the girls in the doorways.
Tomorrow I'm going to join a gym
and start taking guitar lessons
and try to find somebody.

I wonder what's going on back home?
Sometimes I miss California.
Only... there's always something happening on Third Avenue.
I live here now... this is home.

- from the album "The Yellow Unicorn," 1959.

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