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This One Does It For Me!

September is a "Beverly" month. Last week we heard from Beverly Witt, today from Beverly Jackino.


I have been a huge fan of McKuen works. I have searched for the poem, "SHE" & would like to find the poem.

I remember parts of it from when I was so young...35, I believe. Now, as I celebrated 68 yesterday, I wish I could have all the words.

"She was like a Snowbird, who comes to peck the crumbs and when you spread your hand, so quickly flies...."

Much Thanks,

Beverly Jackino

Great choice, Beverly. This song has been one of my all time favorites ever since I heard Glenn Yarbrough sing it on his hit album "Baby, The Rain Must Fall" way back in the sixties.

Here's what Rod had to say about it some time ago.

I wrote the lyrics to She sometime in the late fifties and they remained in a notebook until 1965 when I showed them to composer Mort Garson. He set my words to a beautiful melody and I included it in my second RCA album, The Loner. Later both Glenn Yarbrough and The Kingston Trio recorded it. Words and music are contained in “The Songs of Rod McKuen, Vol. 1."

Thanks for writing, Beverly and Happy 68th Birthday for the other day. You'll find the lyrics below.

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She was like the snowbird
who comes to peck the crumbs
and when you spread your hand
so quickly flies.
A little like the evening,
a whole lot like the night
and every night at suppertime
I’d celebrate her eyes.

She was like the rainbow
you find hard to believe,
changing moods and faces
all the time.
A little like the morning
a whole lot like the day
and every day I’d thank the skies
that she was mine.

She could cry and make you feel ashamed
and yet you have to burst with pride
because she shared your name.

She was like the willow
that stands below the hill
and calls no man her master
but the day.
A little like a woman,
a whole lot like a child
as children do she changed her mind
and one day went away.

Words by Rod McKuen, Music by Mort Garson @1965, 1967 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. Copyright renewed. All rights reserved.

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- Ken, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 14

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