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A Thought for Today

I'll try anything once, and anything that doesn't hurt more than once.



In far away South Africa where this site squats thanks to friend and resident of ROSA Webmaster Ken Blackie the World Cup party has finally ended and more flights are leaving the country than taxiing in for landings. It’s early winter there as summer finally establishes a beachhead here in Southern California. On to today’s Flight Plan that has everything to do with seasons.


Daisies and some half-striped tulips have gone on living in the hotel bedroom for near half a week. I'll have new roses for you and lilacs trucked in from the country by the barrel load. Bring me cider, if you can, Chatsford honey, some magazines and books and the Pennsylvania chemistry your friend cooks up. I doubt we'll need it, but whatever's fair.

I cannot wait to cup your buttocks in my hands and move down through your legs to England's heaven. To try again what has been tried and done - to walk with you through sunlit London even in the absence of the sun. To lie with you a hundred different ways and with you ahead through all the summer days.

I had intended to describe your mouth to you while looking at it, but another week of waiting is too long a time.. Your mouth is velvet on the inside like the underside of violets, or the outside of your eyes.. Wet it tastes like nothing half so much as your own mouth. Dry it hungers to be wet.

Your breath sometimes at night is like a mist, a thin grey fog that warms my neck when you move near. You seldom wake me though I drown in perspiration, yours and mine. Unknowingly your mouth takes me off to foreign places when my own rides up against it. We are passengers on trains and sailing ships with no destination, in no hurry. Time and again one rides against the other, a tug of war of tongues so gentle that we might not be touching tongues at all.

- from Folio No. 7, Autumn 1975

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Rod's random thoughts Alas most of us learn too late that it's wiser to put your money in trust than your trust in money.

Summer is the punctuation mark for all seasons.

I’ve seen people drive into love without a learner’s permit. The result was nearly always an accident.


Come midnights one and all
come, afternoons as well
and all you evenings too.
I am ready, raring, recharged
and certainly unafraid.
If there are still too many midnights
that means for sure there are enough.

Why does it take so long
to learn life's most important lesson,
how to look at things
in more than just a single way.

- from Too Many Midnights, 1981


A Happy Birthday shout out to Cheech Marin. How long has it been since I last ran into C. & C.? Would you believe somewhere deep in the 1980’s at Sydney Airport when we were on world concert tours. He and Tommy were on the last lap or so of their shows and I was about to leave for New Zealand. Tempus Fudgeit.

Sleep warm and join Ken Wednesday for This One Does It For Me. I’ll be back again on Thursday.

RM Holmby Hills CA / 7:54 PM PDST 11 July 2010.

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