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Boots & Rod. Photographed by Edward, May 2010. ©2010 By Stanyan Music Group. All Rights Reserved

A Thought for Today

The sea grows hungry every August, tired of eating only rivers. So when the glances end on shore, take your ankles to the water.




And after every summer rain
an August rainbow
sunlight in the good green wood
laughter in the town
shelter in the noontime shadows
or here inside each other’s arms.

No one can kill our rainbows
though sometimes the world
seems bent on trying.

I want you to remember
when things don’t go exactly right
in your outside world
that there is safety here.
A rainbow bridge,
a patch of light
at the end of trouble’s tunnel.

Walk down the day easy
knowing our security
is movable
going wherever we go.

-from “Celebrations of the Heart,” 1975 and the album “Summer,” 1975

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Saturday 7 August

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Rod's random thoughts The sweetest leisure is that we've earned.

There are some simple sights that haunt the mind forever.

The pit stop of wisdom is learning. Take a book to lunch.


The anemones wilting on the mantelpiece
The bitter brigade of umbrellas
Marching past the window
Queuing down the corner for the bus
And me without a sleeping pill
       Waiting for what?
The rain to stop?
Inspiration to begin??
London to be kind to me?
I do not think Godot will come tonight.
But all the same I leave the window open.

-from "Lonesome Cities", 1968

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