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Rod McKuen at the
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A Thought for Today

Haven't been there, haven't done that. Yet. But Im willing to wear the Tee Shirt.



Happy Birthday America! A little bruised; a little battered we made it through another year.


Oh freedom you have come on time for some of us. You have opened heads that birds can fly through. You have rigged the stars in such a way that they are now accessible to every man. The dream is close enough for each of us to grasp and love is but a handclasp off. We missed nothing in all those years we termed of bondage we termed freedom. Or did we? How could we know that comets could be blown apart so easily.

- from Another Beautiful Day, 1988

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notable birthdays

Saturday 3 July

Roger Ailes o Alan Autry o Laura Branigan o Betty Buckley o Earl Butz o George M. Cohan o Michael Cole o Tom Cruise o Brigatte Fassbinder o Pete Fountain o Walt Garrison o Thomas Gibson o Roger Horchow o Franz Kafka o Dorothy Kilgallen o Carlos Kleiber o Johnny Lee o Johnny Palmer o Susan Peters o Geraldo Rivera o Ken Russell o George Sanders o Tom Stoppard o Montel Williams

Sunday 4 July

Louis Armstrong o Lawrence P. Ashmead o Stephen Boyd o Irving Caesar o Calvin Coolidge o Stephen Foster o Giuseppe Garibaldi o Rube Goldberg o Virginia Graham o Nathanial Hawthorne o Ann Landers o Gertrude Lawrence o Gina Lollobrigida o Louis B. Mayer o Mitch Miller o George Murphy o Jeannie Pierce o Geraldo Rivera o Tokoyo Rose o Eva Marie Saint o Neil Simon o George Steinbrenner o Gloria Stuart o Abigail Van Buren o Dennis Weaver o Bill Withers

Rod's random thoughts Make it your patriotic duty not to think of love of country and patriotism as a duty.

The gladiator doesn't always need a battle, only a clean change of underwear.

These days only truth is revolutionary.

COURAGE / for Dan Rather

Courage rises up against
the darkest wave. It floats
and flies beyond the foam.
Part of the watermark of man
that includes in no special order,
kindness, strength, courtesy and
gentleness. It stays somewhere
between honesty and love. And is
no less a part of what we are or
should be than simplicity and
straightforwardness continue as
the hallmark of artistry and genius.

Not to be aware of courage in
others and the need for it within
your own daily life is to cheat
yourself or close yourself from truth.

-from Rusting In The Rain, 2004


I know you wont forget to remember the brave men and women of our country and those of our allies in harms way fighting two wars today.

Heres a Happy Birthday shout out to Pete Fountain and Bill Withers. And another to Larry Ashmead, wherever you are. Sleep warm and please join me again on Monday.

Holmby Hills CA / 1055 PM PDST 2 July 2010

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