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A Thought for Today

One mans life will always make a difference.



Happy April and Happy Easter.


Long before the trees begin to bud, before the new grass starts to roll with the curvature of the hill and spread out evenly on the common, a certain uneasiness, a kind of insecurity arrives one morning or maybe just at dusk. It presents itself, moves in and settles in. Not unkind, not troublesome, this uncertainly is more an itch - a harbinger that finally scratched enough boils into the apple blossom.

The thrower of the seeds lets go his kernels in mid-March. The early April rain cooperates. Later on the lilac trees are all so heavy that their boughs bend low and nearly break. The prairie dog sits up and calls from mound to mound... a high pitched squeak that all his brothers answer. New pinafores for Sunday School. New patent leather shoes for Easter.

The May pole dance. Lost balloons begin to decorate the inside branches of trees. The song of the Wandering Angus is lived out and sung. The plainest of us begin to feel beautiful again... and the fever deepens.

-from “Rod McKuen’s Book Of Days & A Month Of Sundays,” 1981

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notable birthdays

Saturday 3 April

Alec Baldwin o Jan Berry o Eric Braeden o Marlon Brando o Amanda Bynes o Robert Chapin o Doris Day o Stan Freeman o Jennie Garth o Jane Goodall o Virgil Grissom o George Herbert o David Hyde Pierce o Washington Irving o Helmet Kohl o Dame Sister Mary Leo o Marsha Mason o Eddie Murphy o Wayne Newton o Tony Orlando o Jim Parker o Picabo Street o Miyoshi Umeki

Sunday 4 April

Maya Angelou o Bea Benaderet o Elmer Bernstein o Herbert Eugene Caen o Dorothea Dix o Robert Downey Jr. o David Gavurin o Christine Lahti o Rosemary Lane o Frances Langford o Heath Ledger o Hugh Masekela o Nancy McKeon o Pierre Monteux o Arthur Murray o Craig T. Nelson o Michael Parks o Anthony Perkins o Eva Marie Saint o Robert E. Sherwood o John Cameron Swayze o Ernie Terrell o Muddy Waters

Rod's random thoughts Anything that's done with love is done with care.

Truth is never absolute, as lies are seldom ever lies completely. No one ever seems to notice or even try to take apart that gray matter lurking in between the two.

April won't apologize for children seeking out irrigation ditches and mud puddles in their search for the meanest place to break in this year's brand new Easter shoes.


If we are lucky
even the lilacs
will last the weekend.
                We'll last too.
And the leave taking will come
                     without smiles.

Each of us will carry for a while
                        a secret hurt
but a pride at being just right for the other.
Then - one day - one will forget
                              later on - the other.

In time no one will know or remember
a weekend in early April shared by two
old enough to know not to expect too much
not to want this time for more than what it is,
                               the final weekend.
When everything is almost right
and both of us are old enough
               to know and to be thankful
for the little time that we have left.

-from the album "Listen to the Warm", 1967


Birthday shout outs to Maya Angelou and Tony Orlando. And how’s that for a couple? Sleep warm and we’ll met again on Monday.

- RM 04/03/10

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