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Common sense sees the visible; imagination goes beyond.


Good Morning Ken,

This song is from a very early McKuen album and I don't think it has ever been on a Flight Plan.

I like it and here is a chance to share.

Waterfalls and Blue Skies,


Talk about serendipity, Jay! Driving home the other night I found myself thinking about which of Rod's albums I'd pick as my all-time favorite. I finally settled on "Rod Sings His Own" so you can imagine my surprise when, upon checking my mail after dinner, I got your letter. And you're right, it hasn't featured here before.

There are some terrific numbers on this album and as I've said a number of times before, some should have found their way onto one of the Greatest Hits compilations. Perhaps with Vol. 5?

Jimmy McHugh, who penned the liner notes for the album, proved to be a most astute spotter of new talent and I thought you'd like to read his thoughts on the (then) new kid on the block.

Being a lover of art and intrigued with the magnificence of Renoir, the striking colors of Gauguin, the vibrant tones of Rouault, and the softness of Monet, I find myself enthralled with the lyrics and music expressing moods, memories, emotions, love and environmental scenes as composed by Rod McKuen.

As I listen to his new album "Prolific Composer Rod McKuen Sings His Own", I am completely engrossed in his unique ability as a bard and balladeer. He casts a spell over the listener, and one finds himself seeing and feeling into the depths of his emotions as expressed in this beautiful album.

In this day and age it is truly a God-given gift to able to hold the listeners attention ..... and Rod McKuen has it. As a composer myself, I would like to congratulate him. He is one of our new greats in the musical world, a most individual creator, a sentimentalist, a dreamer, and one who possesses warmth and sincerity.

Surely, his future is unlimited and he will reach great heights.


And to round things off, here's what Rod himself has to say about Jay's choice of song. 

"The ultimate luxury is being able to say no without fear of repercussions. Yes is the easy way out."

Thanks, Jay, nice choice! 

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My address is ken@mckuen.com if you, like Jay, have a favorite song or poem you'd like featured in this regular weekly column. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

                                - Ken, Johannesburg, November 1

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Rod's random thoughts Loss is something to be gotten over in preparation for the gains upcoming. 

The planets keep exact time in their revolutions, why can’t we keep appointments?

Men fear thought above all else, but only thinking sets us free.


Don’t tell me... let me guess
you want your freedom now
the second time I told you... yes
was the time we made the vow.

And remember the first time ?
Out by the river bank
you wanted love... we both were afraid...
but love was the wine we drank.

Yes... yes... you told me yes
and love was the wine we drank.

Don’t tell me... let me guess
your eyes have wandered now
what would you pay for another yes
tell me how much and how ?

And remember the first time ?
oh but the sun was high
while we made love you kept your eyes
fixed on the bright blue sky.

Yes... yes... I told you yes
and looked at the bright blue sky.

Summer’s a time for folly
even for those who are wise
who would have thought
the things we’d been taught
would drown in the bottom of your eyes ?

Oh, don’t tell me... let me guess
you’ll miss me anyhow
I should have known
the heart’s not a home
but only a place for now.

And remember the first time ?
Oh, but the day was long
maybe the sun and the sky and the day
the time and the season were wrong.

Yes... yes... I told you yes
but maybe the time was wrong.
Yes... yes... I told you yes
but maybe the time was wrong.

Yes... yes... yes... yes...

     - from the album "Prolific Composer Rod McKuen Sings His Own", 1965

© 1965, 1986, 2000 by Stanyan Music Group & Rod McKuen. All Rights Reserved
Birthday research by Wade Alexander o Poetry from the collection of Jay Hagan o Coordinated by Melinda Smith
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