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A Thought for Today

We should not measure our capacities by those of others, nor revile those who do not measure up to our own outputs.



Last weekend I mentioned that I was recording a segment for the Siriusly Sinatra Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. I promised to let you know the date of the broadcast.

I’m told my hour of “Playing Favorites” and the songs I’ve chosen to be aired will go out at 9:PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time on Monday July 12th and be rebroadcast a couple of times over the following weekend.


When the old memories you call back to help you do the things that will put you to sleep don't work anymore, and even the aphrodisiac of magazines doesn't help, and there is no place to go and no one to call, try thinking about the sun. The way it catches in the trees sometimes, the way it follows you while riding in a car, the way it plays in the hair of strangers on the beach, the way it runs behind the rudder of a boat, the way it climbs hills in the morning.

Think about the time of noon, when everybody's just a little crazy. Remember that the cliffs are white and steep. You'll grow tired climbing them, so - go slow. The sun is years away from going down and we've got time to watch it every mile. There won't be any moon tonight and this is the time of noon.

- from The Sea, 1967

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Thursday 1 July

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Friday 2 July

Jose Canseco o Elizabeth Dole o Medgar Evers o Christopher Gluck o Sir Tyrone Guthrie o Hermann Hesse o Polly Holliday o Ahmad Jamal o Luci Baines Johnson o Rene Lacoste o Lindsay Lohan o Patrice Lumumba o Thurgood Marshall o Jimmy McNichol o Brock Peters o Richard Petty o Dan Rowan o Curtis Rowe o Eric Yeager

Rod's random thoughts Promise nearly always outruns performance - make appointments carefully.

To those who go ahead of us, we owe not just the ceremony of a proper farewell speech, but a skeleton key that opens all locks. Just in case.

Passion makes its own perspective.


I am content to count
the cobblestones and bricks
             of backyard walks.

Like the inchworm in the half step,
I reexamine soil surveyed
                   and leaf already tagged.
The arteries' arithmetic
                will not be stopped.

I wait. I await. The heart holds on.
I am being true to life
                as I have known it.

And life is never absolute.
It runs on chicken feet
          between God's wink
and the Devil's asshole.
Somewhere in that distance
love is found or finds us.

What matters is the quality
of solitude we keep
while waiting to be found
             or found out.
Thought up or though about,
solitude is never sure
it has no sea mark
without excursion into piety
                         and disbelief.
As one end confirms the other
so to the move from silence
to the subway grunt.

The rattle underneath the street
proves the worth of silence.

-from The Sound of Solitude, 1983


A special Happy Birthday shout out to Ahmad Jamal and my friend & our professor of sound and fury Eric Yeager.

Sleep warm and I hope you’ll spend part of your July 4th Weekend with me.

RM Holmby Hills CA / 9:17PM PDST 30 June, 2010

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